Best Places To Go On A Date In Santa Monica

Whether it’s a first date or a much needed night out with your loved one, Santa Monica is brimming with restaurants and activities that are sure to make lasting memories. 


Each of these restaurants in Santa Monica features impressive food and a delightful atmosphere.  You’ll be here for long enough to try them all and have your own favorite!

  • Wally’s – incomparable wines by the glass, incredible food, and a very lively atmosphere
  • Hillstone – delicious American food that has something for everyone, including sushi
  • Capo – the best and most expensive Italian food in Santa Monica
  • Forma – farm-to-table Italian food in a small, local setting
  • Rustic Canyon – home to the most acclaimed chef in Santa Monica, sit at in the bar area so you can hear each other talk
  • Mason – a dark, intimate white table cloth bistro with an inventive American menu
  • Penthouse – on top of the Huntley Hotel with the best view in Santa Monica
  • Boa – a traditional, dark steak house that offers delicious meat and fish on the menu
  • Fia – one of the only restaurants with a beautiful outdoor patio where you’ll find Californian and Italian cuisines


If you’re meeting for the first time, it’s probably best to grab a quick drink.  We recommend these places to get to know each other.


Both right outside your door at Ocean Santa Monica, Palisades Park or on the beach is an absolutely charming date. Plan a picnic easily by grabbing a nice bottle of wine and cheese plate at Wally’s only a couple blocks away.  California will take care of the beautiful sunset!

After-dinner options:

  • Cocktails at any of the above mentioned places
  • M.i. Westside Comedy Theater on the Third Street Promenade for a night of good laughs
  • The Bay Theater in Palisades Village
  • Harvell’s for late night dive bar dancing
  • Stroll through Palisades Park that runs the length of Santa Monica over the ocean