Best Bar Scenes In Santa Monica

One thing you’ll learn quickly about locals is that we like to go out EARLY to bars and restaurants in Santa Monica.  Enjoy some of the best cocktails, small plates, and ocean views starting around 4pm in the afternoon!  Here’s a list of our favorite hot spots:

Elephante:  From lunch through the late evening hours, rose and cocktails are flowing at this rooftop bar with a beautiful ocean view.  If you’re not a pizza eater, you will want to break that rule for one of their hand-tossed pies (we recommend the pepperoni!).  Singles, keep your eyes out of your phone and browse the crowd.  We’re friendly, so if you catch someone’s eye, don’t hesitate to walk up and say hi.

Wally’s Wine Bar:  Wally’s on Wilshire and 2nd Street is truly incomparable in so many ways!  Locals 35-65 flock here daily for the extensive wine list, massive bar, seasonal yet rich menu, and the scene of singles looking to meet the best catch.

R+D Kitchen:  Locals think of this Hillstone venue as the “Cheers” bar of the westside.  Super casual and very social, this American kitchen is a great place to get your night started early and make new friends as the hours pass you by!

Fig at The Fairmont Santa Monica:  From 5-6pm daily, Fig offers 50% off anything behind the bar (bottles of wine included) and most of the menu.  Since the poolside bistro serves fresh, seasonal dishes, locals will line up outside the door starting at 4:45pm.

Sonny McLean’s:  This Irish Pub is our favorite sports bar in the neighborhood.  With countless beers on draft, a healthier bar menu, and the best grilled wings in Santa Monica, you can hang here for hours watching your favorite games at any hour of the day!

Nobu:  While it’s a little bit of a drive, this oceanfront bar serving famous Nobu fare is worth every minute in the car.  You literally feel like you’re sitting on top of the water during high tide. The scene is a bit of a circus, offering one of each walk of life.  Come dressed up or super casual, all are welcome.  If there’s a big game on, they’ll put it on the huge tv behind the bar.