Best Santa Monica Fitness Studios And Outdoor Workouts

Santa Monica is home to some of the best fitness studios and outdoor exercise experiences in the world.  In fact, Santa Monica’s streets are lined with a variety of studios offering all different kids of workouts. There’s also a wealth of talented trainers who will confidently and safely take you through some of the most challenging workouts of your life.

Our recommendations here for fitness in Santa Monica have been personally tested by our most critical staff.  Get ready to sweat! All of these experiences are only steps from your door at Ocean Santa Monica.


SoulCycle Santa Monica is the best spinning studio among the many.  The dark stadium looks like a concert venue and offers you a rockstar up on the stage playing amazing music and motivation (without screaming) to get your heart rate up!  The workout is not only physical, but also cathartic.  Classes are 45 minutes and you’ll walk out drenched.


Pilates Platinum is THE most challenging abs and butt workouts in our opinion.  When you work on the Megaformer, you’ll prove your strength with “time under tension” and walk out of the hour class feeling tighter all over.  There are only ten machines available in the class, so make sure to book ahead.


Leave Sweat Yoga drenched after a powerful flow in their dark, heated room.  We love this  yoga studio because they teach you a sequence and then let you go on your own to add or subtract as your body feels fit.

Running Outside

Get the ultimate Santa Monica running challenge outdoors with three options:  The California Incline (right outside your door) goes from Ocean Avenue to PCH.  We dare you to run up and down 10 times in 45 minutes.  Talk about the ultimate cardio workout! Right below the Incline is the Santa Monica beach.  Try running without your shoes in the sand and watch your heart rate skyrocket immediately.  Finally, the Santa Monica Stairs are less than a mile away.  Ten times up and down is another great goal for this challenge that locals love to do at all hours of the day.

Full Body

Hate to run? DOP Training offers combination cardo and strength circuits for the ultimate total body workout.  The atmosphere is low-key so feel free to modify any exercise without judgement.


Embrace your inner child at the Traveling Rings. Essentially an adult playground on the sand, the Santa Monica rings are ideal for those looking to spice up their workout routine outdoors. Watch high flying aerial junkies seemingly defy gravity then take a stab at it yourself! Although this may seem intimidating to some, the kind regulars here are typically happy to answer questions.  Although not a permanent fixture, slacklining is another popular activity at the rings. A rather unusual activity that takes a lot of practice, slacklining is as challenging mentally as it is physically.  

Luxury Gym

Looking for a more luxurious workout experience? Equinox Fitness Club is right around the corner. Beyond the essential machines, Equinox has fitness glasses, Yoga, Pilates, steam rooms, and chilled eucalyptus scented towels. What makes the Santa Monica location exceptionally remarkable is the outdoor training area. Complete with turf and equipment above the busy streets below, this open-air section is a magnificent workout experience. Although the membership rate is high compared to other gyms, the amenities are worth every penny for frequent gym-goers with a taste for the finer things.

Personal Trainer / Health Consultant

If private training is your preferred way to workout, we recommend Stassi, trainer to the stars and Santa Monica local who will give you the best beach workout to tone every muscle you have in your body.  She can also consult on your overall health and wellness as well as everyday diet.  Contact her directly at and follower her @stassifitness.